Monday, August 3, 2009

Why a Christian Education.

It is amazing to see how many parents are abandoning their once "dearly held" conviction of a Christ centered education for their children. Whether it is the economy, the new charter or magnet school down the road, or the idea that "my child will have to face the world and the devil sometime anyway", we have a rash of changing ideals that govern the decision most impacting our children today.

While I cannot say that it is shocking, I must say that the present day movement away from Real Christian Schools is disturbing. While my school has enrolled as many this fall as we had at the end of last year, we are across our state and others seeing a huge wave of change. So what is the cause, who is the one to blame, why is it happening now?

The Bible says that "without Me ye can do nothing". (John 15:5) Yet so many parents are opting for the educational facility that seemingly prides itself on being Godless, without any teaching on Christ at all. How can they, it is forbidden. It is most certain that no matter what you believe the level of spirituality in your local public school district's school, IT IS NO CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. No matte what your perceived virtue of the charter school in your is a public / non -Christian School. It is a place where God is left out. On purpose. No appology.

Why the toughness. "Without Me ye can do nothing" (John 15:5)... that's why. Americans are proud enough to say, "we are doing great w/o God now, our kids will be great w/o later Him too". I say, sure, If you are of the belief that "doing nothing" is ok. You had them in a Christian school before because you really want to "do something" for them, and now you are, without realizing the destructive nature of your actions, dooming them to a "do nothing" education. Sorry, that is not my prognostication, it is Bible, and it is Truth. The real way to a productive life is also in the same verse " He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit..." Keep your children in a spiritual place. That is the priority.

I am certain I will be accused of saying that good Christian families have no possible way of rearing good kids since they have now put them in a non-Christian school. On the contrary, now you have the added possibility of rearing a child who thinks it is not as important to keep God first in every area of life, no matter the cost....for that is what you have shown them is acceptible thought.

I am not mad at you, I am instead very sad and disturbed. In my few decades of Christian Education, I have seen it too many times not to speak out. Too many families - that realize sometimes too late - that they have made a poor academic and spiritual choice for their family. Too many times I have set in the office with parents bringing children back to the Christian school, having now experienced personally what they were warned of before leaving (by me, and mostly by the Holy Spirit inside of them). Only now, we have the task of making up the gap caused by the missed time in good curriculum and around good Christian kids.

I am just saying, a non-Christian school is just that ... Non-Christian. Without Him we can do nothing. That has always been truth, and always will be the Truth. I want more for your child than any place else can offer. Nothing less will do.